A sedentary lifestyle has a huge impact on our lives, especially health condition. There are many problems caused by wrong daily habits, low activity and also inappropriate way of working.

Combining SDG 3 with deep technologies made it possible to create a solution to that for the year 2030.

Youtine is a personal motivator and training kit which reminds users about breaks for exercises during long periods of sitting and which can work out with them.

The main part is a holographic frame that displays a personal motivator to follow up during workout. It also contains drones that scan space and user’s body in real time which helps in adjusting exercises to everybody’s needs and provides the best performance.

Its features are focused on two main areas: motivation and support. Youtine enables to choose a personal motivator, constantly monitores the progress, adjusts to user’s day schedule, provides guidelines during workout, adjusts exercise type, personalizes user’s account and also has a modular design which makes it easier to change parts when needed.

Final prototype

3D models of drones

Timeline roadmap