We have been wondering how the world could look like in the future and if the problem we face these days will still be a sorrow for the society. After research we defined a vision of 2030 basing on plausible future scenarios presented by ARUP, mega trends and other forecasting resources.

Our Future Scenario – vision of 2030

We assume that life will move to a virtual world – the metaverse. There will be international and local institutions (for example separate spaces for countries and cities). Data security will be extremely important then. Well-developed artificial intelligence will be a base for many sectors.

People will spend most of the time at homes, switching to the virtual world even while working. Everybody will have the same right to access the metaverse. This will end up in deep social isolation – interpersonal relationships will be limited. According to the actual mega trends, there will be a demographic decline and society will be getting older and older. That’s why constant health check will be needed and AI with other future technologies will allow it.

Life will move mostly to the metaverse but it doesn’t mean people will not leave their houses anymore. However, cities and public spaces should be adjusted to their needs. “City of the future” ideal will be based on sustainable development, good accessibility, self-sufficiency and care for the natural environment. Renewable energy sources will be the only possible way providing energy. Communication, logistics and delivery systems will be well-developed. Life will be going on different levels – underground, on the surface and in the sky, but also in real and virtual world at the same time.