It all started with Prof. Andreea’s mail that said “I am delighted to share that you have been selected to be part of the CBI A3” and fast forward to the day the teams were announced. For someone who all wished to be a part of NYCDF, this journey has not been less than a dream come true for all four of us.

Our first few weeks went into brainstorming team names, scripting and shooting for our intro videos, and engaging in meaningful and in-depth sessions on “Discard Studies: Wasting, Systems, and Power” by Prof. Luke Canterela. 

The visit arranged by Prof. Andreea and Prof. Luke to “Sure We Can” in collaboration with one of the board of directors Christine Hegel opened up our mind to a new frontier of can recycling. This enlightening visit shattered the myths surrounding recycling and revealed the intricate processes involved. Sure We Can primary mission is to serve as a haven for individual collectors, allowing them to exchange their hard-earned recyclable cans and bottles for cash—a far more efficient alternative to the scattered collection stations or local grocery stores. 

Pro Tip: When you’re about to dispose of a can, remember to handle it with care. Avoid crushing it or damaging the label, as this preserves its redeemable value. Let’s make a positive impact on the environment, one can at a time. 

Our final few weeks before our visit to Ideasquare CERN demanded our undivided attention in identifying the opportunities from United Nations’ SDG12 and understanding technologies provided to us by CERN and ATTRACT but left us with profound experiences. The discussions and brainstorming sessions that we had throughout these weeks shined light on underlying issues that might be a problem to tackle by the year 2030. 

Building upon the feedback received during our intense discussion and critique session with our colleagues and professors, we are carrying 13 opportunity cards in correlation with SDG 12 paired with technologies to address these underlying issues. As we pack our bags with hope and dreams looking forward to our visit, we wonder what the visit to CERN holds for us.