Hey there!

After attending the “Design for Behavior Change” workshop, we found ourselves inspired to take our project in a whole new direction. And it was a game-changer!

We started brainstorming the possibility of our vertical farm in the city doubling up as an “experience center.” Imagine a space where people can not only access fresh, wholesome produce but also reconnect with their food in a whole new way. Pretty cool, we thought. 

We’re not just talking about growing veggies; we’re talking about improving people’s relationship with food. And it’s no small feat. We’ve got our work cut out for us. Changing behavior requires us researching cooking habits and age demographics and also making healthy food as tasty as the unhealthy stuff. We also got to incorporating a reward system and diving deep into the psychology of behavior change. Phew!

But hey, we’re not in this alone. We’ve got technology on our side, folks! From self-contained individuals to those itching for a change, technology has the power to support everyone on their journey to healthier eating habits. Depends on how we use it.

Big Thanks to all the sessions that helped us refine our ideas by providing us with fresh perspectives ahead of our Detail Design Presentation.

So, what’s the big picture? Well, it’s pretty simple – we want people to buy more organic food and cut down on those ultra-processed goodies. And that’s where our experience center comes into play. We’re considering engaging all the senses – sight, smell, taste, touch, and even hearing – to create a mind-blowing experience that’ll stick with you long after you leave.

Our next steps? Well, we’re researching collaborating with NYC’s Fresh Initiative to secure funding for our setup. And of course, we’ll be digging into any city regulations that might come our way.

Our vision is slowly coming to life. Wait for our next blog to know more about our design detail.✨