“Ah, women and young girls, how incomprehensible are your feminine hearts! When you are not the timidest, you are the bravest of creatures.” – Jules Verne, Journey to the Centre of the Earth

We are so incredibly grateful to have been able to take part in the 2022-23 CBI A3 project through Design Factory Melbourne as part of our studies at Swinburne. We have excelled in ways we didn’t think possible. We hope that our project is inspired enough to come to further fruition in the future; it would be an absolute key component to the future of women’s and reproductive healthcare in Australia. Women, and those with a uterus, are indeed “the bravest of creatures” and are deserving of the same access to appropriate healthcare in not only diagnostics and health management, but also looking at the tools available to them and how they are percieved in the medical field, as a patient or even as a professional. We aim to promote awareness for reproductive health with our solution, but also pioneer discussion to advocate for open communication and acheivable healthcare for women.

Phase 2 Deliverables

Solution Video


White Paper Report

Team Snapshot

We made it, we got to the end. We very much hope you’ve enjoyed following our process here as much as we have enjoyed the whole project.

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