🚀 Welcome to SkyHigh: Elevating Community Dining to New Heights! 🌟

At SkyHigh, we’re not just dreaming about the future — we’re building it. Picture this: a vibrant flying community space where food waste becomes a thing of the past, and where SkyHigh Robots soar through the skies, cooking up delicious, balanced and healthy dinner meals for the local communities. The best part is the affordable price that makes dining out a breeze.

With SkyHigh, we’re revolutionizing the way we think about food supply chains and community dining. By harnessing the power of technology and innovation, we’re on a mission to reduce food waste and make nutritious meals accessible to everyone, all while embracing the thrill of dining in the clouds.

Tackling Food Waste

At SkyHigh, we’re committed to tackling food waste head-on, from production all the way to households.

Production: Did you know that farmers often discard perfectly edible produce just because it doesn’t meet cosmetic standards? That’s where SkyHigh steps in. We use these ugly fruits and veggies and turn them into wholesome dinner meals, preventing them from ending up in landfills.

Processing and Distribution: In the processing and distribution stages, there’s often a lot of waste from expired products, damaged packaging and other items that are unsuitable for sale or consumption. SkyHigh collects this waste for composting, ensuring that every bit gets repurposed into something useful.

Retail: Soon-to-be expired food items at retail stores don’t have to go to waste either. SkyHigh gathers these items, along with spices, meat and other necessary ingredients, to use in dinner preparation.

Consumption: Even at the consumption stage, SkyHigh will collect food scraps and leftovers from households, diverting them from landfills and turning them into compost.

Efficient Storage Facility: Our storage facility ensures that all collected edible food stays fresh and ready for use. By reducing weight onboard during flights, we maximize efficiency while minimizing waste.

Compost Site: But that’s not all. Any inedible food collected throughout the supply chain is composted and converted into energy. This energy powers SkyHigh and other productions, closing the loop on waste and sustainability.

In summary, SkyHigh is leading the charge in redirecting food waste from landfills. From transforming ugly produce into tasty meals to composting and converting waste into energy, we’re committed to making a positive impact on our environment and community, one meal at a time.

Encouraging Eating Out

At SKY HIGH, we’re revolutionizing dinner time for households. Our affordable dinner meals, crafted by AI and prepared by robotics, are designed to alleviate the burden of meal planning and cooking.
We believe that by offering a convenient alternative, financially struggling households can save time and effort, while reducing food waste. Our research has shown that inefficient time management, over-buying leading to food spoilage, and catering to picky eaters are common challenges. Therefore, SKY HIGH aims to address these issues by providing a hassle-free dining solution.

ATTRACT Technologies

In the world of food tech, SkyHigh brings three cool gadgets to make meals better and safer. VISIR 2 uses special cameras with infrared sensors to keep track of ingredients being utilized in the logistics of stock management for ingredients sourced from the supply chain to ensure volume control. It also helps by spotting any early signs of mold in  food. Together with HYLIGHT, it checks how healthy people are and keeps our food fresh. HYLIGHT also helps us to detect any harmful diseases in ugly fruits and vegetables, most especially in soon-to-expire products to avoid the risk of using bad quality ingredients and spoiled food. Lastly, Random Power keeps hackers away from our health data. With these gadgets, SkyHigh makes cooking easier and safer for everyone.

Bonus Features

Additional features of SkyHigh will allow local community volunteers to be educated on how to cook and contribute by participating in methods to reduce food waste in the kitchen. Moreover, passengers will have a whole new experience by visiting the on-site farm on SkyHigh where they can bring home fresh produce such as fruits. SkyHigh flies in the sky because it has more access to picking up passengers from anywhere and people will have an amazing viewing experience of their city below.

Eating Healthy

As imbalanced diet and concerns about health are a result of poor meal planning, SkyHigh emerges as an encouragement for wellness, offering personalized meal planning services powered by artificial intelligence. Utilizing a blend of on-site scanning technology and advanced smartwatch biosensors, SkyHigh collects real-time data on users’ health, including nutrient levels and metabolic information, all in a non-invasive manner. Alternatively, users can input their health details through the SkyHigh app or website. SkyHigh’s AI algorithms will use personalised health data to provide meal plans tailored to each user’s dietary requirements and nutritional needs, ensuring a the community to have a healthier intake food.

The Impact

By collecting food waste across the supply chain and transforming it into valuable resources, we’re establishing a regenerative system that benefits both the environment and the community. This initiative not only reduces our contribution to global warming but also provides a meaningful way to give back.

Additionally, our service of offering affordable, nutritious meals to financially struggling households aims to combat food insecurity and enhance health in local communities. Through these efforts, we’re not just serving meals but also fostering a more sustainable and nourished future for all

Future Considerations

Finally, we want to share some of the key design questions we’ve encountered while creating SKYHIGH. These questions are crucial for our future development of this idea and we’d love to get some feedback on it.

Regular Team Snapshot

Highlight: Embracing Radical Thinking in Food Sustainability 🚀
We have taken a radical approach to every aspect of our design process. From conceptualizing our flying community space to developing our revolutionary food waste reduction system, we have challenged conventional thinking at every stage. By thinking differently, we are directing the future of sustainable dining, making it both visionary and practical.

Quote of the Week: “Reimagining the future of food by thinking beyond the expected” ~Team B&B

Next Steps: As we keep innovating, we are now concentrating on our main goal which is reducing household food waste. Our next step is adding more efforts to implement strategies that actively engage households in waste reduction practices. We aim to shift people’s perspectives on food consumption and waste management, ensuring a real impact on their habits and behaviours.