Hey there! We are team PaLu.DiSa, our name standing for Paul – Lukas – Dilara – Sarah.

We got together to work on a futuristic and innovative solution to improve good health and wellbeing. On this page, you can explore our journey and the milestones we achieved.

Feel free to be inspired…

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Project Whitepaper

Project Posters, including Project Overview, Technology Overview, Team Poster and Prototyping Journey


Paul Mohaupt

Paul Mohaupt

Chemical Engineering Student (Master)

Hey 🙂

I’m Paul, a chemical engineering student from the northernmost end of Bavaria. After my bachelor in Muenster I moved to Mannheim for my master. Since I unfortunately don’t have that much time to travel the world anymore, I brought my own jungle home in which 3 cheeky poison dart frogs live. Cheers!


Lukas Petri

Lukas Petri

Chemical Engineering Student (Master)


I’m Lukas and I study chemical and process engineering at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. I am always interested in mastering new tasks, solving tricky problems or learning new things. In addition to my field of study, my main interest is medicine, which is why I graduated as a paramedic before going to university.


Dilara S. Kursun

Dilara S. Kursun

Software Engineering Student (Master)

Hey c:

I’m Dilara, and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in software engineering.  I have a particular fondness for indoor gardening and I proudly care for a collection of 40 plants. When I’m not getting my hands dirty with soil and plant care, I enjoy expressing my creativity through painting and rearranging my living space on a weekly basis.


Sarah K. Müller

Sarah K. Müller

Medical Technology Student (Master)

Hey (=

I’m Sarah, and if you don’t find me in front of the PC programming or in a lab for my masters in medical technology, then I’m probably bouldering on some wall. I study in Mannheim, but originally I come from a really small village in the Taunus. That’s why I love being outdoors and active.

Blog Posts

Poster Overview

Project Poster       Team Poster       Technology Overview       Prototyping Journey

Team Time

Heey! As we near the end of our project, we can't help but look back on the memories we've created and the milestones we've achieved. And what better way to reminisce than by taking a trip down memory lane through the photos we've taken over the past 8 months? From...

Total Tech Talk

Heyhey! Since you all know, our super cool project involves two things we're passionate about: artificial intelligence and mental health. Our project has the goal of collecting data on the patient through retina scan, facial recognition, and speech recognition. At the...

We feel it coming

Hey there! Hard to believe, but the CBI project is coming to an end.. we've been on this project for seven months and have already learned so much. The boot camp, the problem space analysis, something that felt like 300 ideation sessions, the trip to Switzerland, even...

Save the bricks 🕶️

Hey there! As you all already know, with MINT we try to simulate psychology tests to collect useful data about the patient for the (future) psychologist/therapist to work with. We talked about spatial MINT stations, but also about portable MINT sessions, for example...

The Most Inventive Future

Imagine a future in 2030 where we will live in modern, connected cities for more prosperity because we have made significant advances in technology and artificial intelligence…

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