With a common interest we share for a sustainable future; we are focusing on SDG 11. We are probing to find ways of damage control and to set humanity back on the right track through sustainable, inclusive cities and human settlements.


Our Process

Our Journey begins!

“We are the “Earthlings” and we are a team of three quirky beings. Bhishag is pursuing his final year in Masters’ of design, with a niche in UX design and design research. His interests are designing for sustainability, human centered design and design anthropology....

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Bhishag Mohan
Bhishag Mohan

Communication Design

Pursuing his final year in Masters’ of design, with a niche in UX design and design researchBhishag joined CBI A³. His interests are designing for sustainability, human centered design, and design anthropology.
I believe
every wicked problem the world is facing is can be only solved through design to bring positive sustainable change. Taking part in idea square and the global network, Bhishag is hoping to unpack and explore new avenues, meeting new people, and gain more interdisciplinary design skills. He loves a good night of stargazing and astrophotography. 

Shivani Pradhan
Shivani Pradhan


Shivani is a second-year student, pursuing Master of Design. Her background is Architecture and Interior Design. She likes working with multi-disciplinary designers and people from different culture.  Through the learnings that Shivani will gain from DFM, she wishes to design for bringing a positive change in the community. A fun fact about her is, she has been living without coffee for last 3 months. 

Pratibha Kohli
Pratibha Kohli

Lifestyle Product Design

Pratibha is a postgraduate student of Design. Started her journey as a Lifestyle product designer and now expanding her knowledge base into multiple areas of design. She wants to use design as a tool to address and help real-time issues in society. With an itch of curiosity, she likes exploring design beyond a layman’s imagination. Fun Fact- Apart from full-time designer, she is a part-time gardener and part-time Dora (The Explorer).