TEAM: X-Cube


Hello! We are team X-cube and our team consists of Amisha, Anoop and Nikhail. We come from various backgrounds of design namely UI/UX design, interior design and visual arts. We are excited to embark on the CBI A3 journey and bring our ideas and learnings to life. 


Our Process


. The two-week intensive was an opportunity to discuss our existing opportnity cards and understand the themes we can further develop on. Our opportunity cards covered a variety of local issues including but not limited to air pollution, e-waste, clothing pollution,...

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Let the Journey Begin!

Better late than never, so let's kick-start this blog post!    Hello Everyone, a warm welcome from Team X-Cube! We are excited to share with you what the team has experienced in the last couple of weeks. We will show it in a quick summary.. Are you ready? Lets...

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TEAM X-Cube:

Anoop Ebby Kurien
Anoop Ebby Kurien

Visual Arts/Interior Design

Hi, I’m Anoop Ebby Kurien and I am a Bachelor of Arts graduate in Visual Arts (Interior Design) with a passion for creating stunning architectural visualizations. I have worked as an interior designer, architectural visualizer, team lead and project coordinator for both construction and design firms. My desire to create innovative designs has led me to pursue a postgraduate degree in design. I am currently enrolled in a Master of Design program, aiming to sharpen my skills in translating innovative ideas into tangible designs.

As an interior designer, I believe that a successful design and innovation practice requires a deep understanding of user needs and preferences, as well as a commitment to creating spaces that are both functional and visually stunning. I strive to balance creativity with strategy, producing solutions that are both innovative and impactful, while also meeting the practical needs of the clients and end-users.


Nikhail Ram Sharma
Nikhail Ram Sharma

UX/UI Designer

Design has always been my best subject in school, and I believe it is the reason I have been in this industry. When I discovered the UX space 6 years ago, I immediately got immersed and found my passion in deliberate design approaches.

When I came across User Experience back in my polytechnic that was when it made me fall in love with design even more. Understanding how a user thinks, and validating design decisions through research and testing fascinates me the most in this field. I like to dive deep into current design decisions and understand the ‘why’ behind great products.

Fun fact: I used to be a physical design student focusing on designs like Interior, Architecture, Product etc. but my lecturers were the ones who believed I would do even better in digital design and here I am surrounding myself with applications and websites. 

Amisha Thottupurkal

Interior Designer

Hello! I’m Amisha, an interior designer who’s always keen about learning and understanding the prospects of design. Growing up in the city of futuristic design and architecture has stemmed a deep desire to learn  design and it led me to pursue a degree in interiors.

I believe the future of design is vast and there is so much we can do as designers to recreate design with the motive of sustainability and change. The CBIA3 is a thrilling opportunity where sustainability and the needs of the future meet and I am looking forward to see the change we can make as designers, collectively.