Corona Home Office

As it is the first week of home office, the past days have been all about remote working. The week kicked-off with the first online LGM, where we all got aquainted with some new tools, like an online whiteboard.

The current situation did have one positive side effect – as everyone was mostly free of classes last week, we had time for the so far longest skype call with Team ASE.

Apart from learning how to work best online, our team spent the last week developing a Mission Model Canvas, which you can find below:

Mission Model Canvas

Beneficiaries: Our main beneficiary will of course be the patient. Second to that are the general public and professional and non-professional care takers of the patient. As we are not yet sure about the role of doctors in our concept we mentioned them with a big question mark in this section.

Value Propositions: We decided to show both: the immediate individual and the long term more general advantages of the concept.

Deployment: For Deployment, our Teaching Team inspired us to look at the work of pharmaceutical representitives.

Buy-in & Support: For this section, we took a look at our stakeholder map and identified reasons, why these groups would support our idea. We found out that stakeholders, will be able to safe money in the long run, that the concept will generate data for research and that SiMA could open a new market for some of the supporters.

Mission Achievement/Impact Factors: The Mission achievments focus on immediate acomplishments like a personalized therapy and long term goals like the reduction of multi resistant germs.

Key Resources: Our key resources are split in two groups, which are people and resources.

Key Activities: Here we looked at  the activietes over time, starting with research, followed by design, production, quality mangement, regulatry approval and finally marketing.

Key Partners: The key partners got identified by looking at the activities and resources and by going back to the stakeholder map again.

Mission Budget / Cost: As the costs are strongly based on the activites, we decided to look at them on a timeline as well.

To finish off a quote from our remote working feedback session:

“Remote work does work better than I thought” #stayAtHome

Next Steps

  • Refine our Mission Model Canvas by color coding it
  • digitalizing our systems map and evt. some of our other work
  • and as always – some more research