What we work on

To understand the whole system of how illicit drugs come into the country, this week we briefly lined up the journey of illicit drugs smuggling through the border and trying to understand the gap within the border force (as below image).

Learning from system thinking, we use one of the system thinking tools – the Iceberg model to try to understand the pattern of behaviours and the mental model behind the importation of illicit drugs.

Also, we had a video call with Andreea from Design Factory New York to discuss our current progress. It helps us clear our thoughts.

What we learned

This week we look into ‘system thinking’. We created a map of our idea on system thinking along with Design Factory Melbourne members. There are a lot of interesting ideas are shared from this brainstorming activity.

Illicit drugs is a complex and complicated issue in society. System thinking is a really helpful concept and tool for us to develop our topic.

What’s next

We are contacting James Martin who is from the Department of Social Science at Swinburne University. He is an expert on dark web and criminology. We would like to understand how dark web works in Australia which enhances the understanding of the drug journey.