This week, our main focus was understanding the SDGs better. To achieve this, we posted an online survey to see what the people around us think of water and what they see as important challenges here in our region. We hope to get 100 answers until Wednesday 7th November. As of today, we already had 20 participants.


The key insight we gained while collecting questions for our survey is that in Germany, about 70% of total water usage in 2009 was used by agriculture, according to the WWF Water Footprint Report for Germany. This was a surprise to us, because we assumed that industry would take the main share. This is because of something called “virtual water”, which takes the water that’s used for production of a certain good into consideration, so even goods that are only imported, but not cultivated or produced in Germany count towards this number.


Another thing we gathered from that report is that coffee cultivation is very water intensive, leaving a big mark on Germanys external water footprint. We also made a stakeholder map to see who we want to talk to for our primary research.


Next week, we have a couple of things we need to do. First, we will examine the survey answers to figure out what we want to bring to our stakeholders. Then, we will research the available technology at CERN. We will also try to have a skype conference with the Melbourne team.



“Everything we use, wear, buy, sell and eat takes water to make.”
— Water Footprint Network

Water use by sectors in Germany (2009)