After a discussion with our teaching team and fellow DFM classmates, we received good feedback on our rationale and also found out some gaps in our research. We discovered there were a few crucial questions that needed addressing in order to finalise our design concept. We are going to develop the concept more and refine our user journey map in order to identify core touchpoints to understand the entire process we wish to improve just a little bit more.

Furthermore, in order to make our concept concrete, in our research we will work more on:

  • User experience and their touchpoints from Airport entry to Exit at destination Airport.
  • Methods in place to avoid drug trafficking through air travel.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of those methods on users and their journey experience.
  • Methods used to traffic drugs through Airports.

From the above research, we need to come up with data and evidence-based conclusions. And form a strategy on how to make informed design decisions based on the data. We would also like to improve our mapping by incorporating the service blueprint concept.

  • Frontstage:
    How can the drug problem be solved through our intervention and how does it improve the customer journey experience?
  • Backstage:
    How does our design intervention work as a holistic system? Including how technology will be placed at each touchpoint. How will all the stakeholders engage in the process?

In addition, we are looking at the current Melbourne airport layout plan to consider the functionality of our intervention in reality. This includes the flow of users (e.g. passengers, staff, and crew), size and ergonomics of our concept.

As COVID-19 is having a huge impact on our lives, it has also raised the awareness of how the airport can be a key touchpoint to avoid biohazard and disease transmissions on an international scale.

This week we also have a chat with our buddy team – Team Bee from Inno.Space, which is currently under the same situation – working from home. It is great that we can have such support from each other since coming back from IdeaSquare! It is close to the end of the project. We are looking forward to every teams’ development!

“Freezing isn’t always an easy thing…in design.”