Less than 1 week away from our design freeze!

What we learned
This week we received input from Aaron and Christine on the business model canvas, mission model canvas, and social lean canvas, breaking everything down and discussing which one would be more appropriate to use in our project. The main difference we identified between the canvas’ is that the mission and lean canvas are more ‘mission” based, in other words, there is a greater goal and purpose of the canvas’ than purely to make a profit. We found the social lean canvas was an interesting way to think about our project. We showed our concepts to people and received 3 factors that needed consideration: privacy (how can my information remain safe?), how safe people feel about being inside the Halo Pad, and how does it help drive direction and foot traffic in the airport.

(The figure is not to scale! Don’t judge the size just yet!)

What we worked on
We developed an initial iteration of a social lean canvas for our concept, understanding the goals and value it provides to our users and to society, according to our direction. We also began working on form development prototypes and started focusing on form and function; how was this concept going to look like and how could we test with users? We also Skyped our CERN coach, George and having a nice, long chat about our project and technology involved in our project. We realised that we need to consider the amount of radiation and energy needed to scan through a whole plane (as suggested in the Runway scanner)…far too much. We also discussed if a Train Inspection Monorail (TIM) system could be integrated into the handling of baggage and cargo, however, we are unsure if there is a point and if we are trying to do too much. We seem to be focusing on the Halo Pad as a more user-focused solution for the moment. We are really excited to see how it turns out!


“Who’s TIM?” – George

What next?
We aim to continue prototype developments and aim to test with more people. We wish to continue to develop our concept(s) as we approach design freeze and consider as many aspects as we can!