Getting ready for CERN 

Our week was all About getting ready for CERN. We were all super excited for the whole week, but first we had to finish our work. We finally ended up with 22 Opportunity Cards and 11 Tech Cards. We moreover decided to cluster our Topics a little so that we find out if they are still relevant in 2030. In our opinion every Problem field that we identified will stay the same or increase in relevance. The Problems we expect to increase the most are Internet addiction, health issues due to computer workspaces and the extinction of biodiversity and in Germany especially pollinating insects. An the best think about this:

    “We can finally stick Post-Its!!!”

Getting to CERN

One Sunday we finally started our journey to CERN. It took us 5 hours of intense talks, a lot of food, a birthday celebration and meeting with unique personalities to get to Geneva. After another tram and bus ride and an exhausting hike along a very uneven dirt road we made it to our hotel.
Our Body Team ASE was excited to meet us and couldn’t wait for us to arrive. We were happy to manage gathering in the city and celebrate Hannah’s Birthday with some glasses of wine. Again happy birhtday Hannah, we really hope it was not too bad to spend a major part of your birthday in a train. We even got to shortly meet Team Metro at the hotel, which made us even more curious about the two exciting weeks to come.