What We Worked On

This week started with a day off on Monday to recharge our batteries so the next day we could totally focus on researching the issues which came out of the interviews last week. Furthermore, we finished our first opportunity card lean on First Aid in Germany and that the education of cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be improved for the ordinary person.


Later this day, Ursula Kloé from JU-KNOW came visiting us at innospace. We had a workshop about interview techniques and user researches. She gave us very useful tips which helped us finding out the right questions to ask to take the most out of interview partners. Besides, she taught us the importance of the appearance and the body language during an interview.

Afterwards, before leaving innospace, we did a small “photoshooting”, so we could finally upload a group photo to our website.

“Without a social environment even a healthy body is useless.

During the SGM on Thursday we presented our research results, opportunity card and website updates.

In the evening it was time for spooky Halloween SUDS hosted by Team CLASH. They indulged our taste buds with three variations of pumpkin. We had pumpkin soup as an appetizer, followed by pumpkin risotto and for the dessert they served us pumpkin muffins. So as you might hear, we had a great time.