What We Worked On

Week 3 was all about getting deeper into the topic. Since the topic the terms “Good Health” and especially “Well-Being” consists of so many different aspects and there is even no universal definition we decided to start with the interviews very quickly to see how others would define the term. We did the first interview round out in the green. It was noticeable that nearly all respondents were in a good mood and this was almost exclusively due to the sunny weather for October. Further significant results of the first surveys were that most people associate health with a good diet and enough physical exercise, whereas most people associate well-being with mental health and inner satisfaction.

“I want to see the mircale” 

Since finding suitable specialists, that even want to and even have the time to talk to us, takes some time, we decided to update our first questionnaire and do a second interview round already this week. To avoid having to keep the good weather and nature as the main answer for well-being we decided to do the second round at the station and in the city center. Important note on this point: To be allowed to do interviews at the station you need a permission from the station service, which we didn’t know. Luckily, the station staff was friendly and allowed us to continue our survey even without asking for permission in advance.

We also happened to meet a member of our university student council in the city center. Not only did he take the time to talk to us about the topic extensively, but he also gave us helpful contacts at the university, whom we can contact about our concrete questions.

After discussing the results of the first round be decided to work out a mind map of interesting topics we already have in mind and want to do more research on and the different groups of individuals we want to question during our research time. Since outstanding people tended to have problems to spontaneously think about factors which affect health, we are planning to additionally question people for the medical engineering industry, the psychological service at the university and people from the medical sector like nurses or doctors. We are planning to update this list continuously during our research phase.

Next steps

For next week we plan to analyze the answers we got in the second interview session and we will hopefully be able to create our first opportunity card. We will also have an interview workshop to which we are all very much looking forward. We hope that afterwards we can improve our questionnaire again and get even better results from the future interviews, especially when we manage to talk to some specialists.