This week was only about one thing: finishing our very first whitepaper about SiMA. We finalized all texts, worked some more on the graphics and finished the layout. We were super proud that we even delivered it one day before the deadline. So, we were really relaxed on the delivery day on Thursday (which was not the case for Team Clash, but we are happy you guys made it in time as well ?)

Our whitepaper includes more research on the societal challenge we want to target with SiMA, a more detailed concept design, information about the CERN tech we want to use, the benefit we want to achieve with our concept and last but not least all future steps we have planned for the next months. But just have a look at it yourself!



Unfortunately, we have to make another announcement: Christian decided to leave the CBI program and our team due to personal reasons. So from now on it will only be the three of us. We wish you all the best for your future Christian and you can be sure that we will carry on working on our idea as hard as before.

Future Steps

After these intense weeks of working on the whitepaper we will have a little CBI break since our semester finals are starting next week. We will return on Feb 7th for a mistery afternoon and SUDS. Until then we wish you all a great time.

”  Work, Work, Work “