What we worked on

This week we received a big challenge from Christine – that is brainstorming 60 (crazy) ideas that we might be able to develop in the future about our topic. Back in CERN ‘IdeaSquare’ Mode, we’ve stopped our research, we’re back to generating ideas. This brought us to the divergent stage of solution-phase which pushed us to think broadly and crazy.

We ‘timeboxed’ our ideation session and segregated the concepts we generated based on characteristics and uses. Listed down the divisions (from the post-its). It is not easy but we enjoyed the process. This took us temporarily stepped away from all the detail limitations and went outside of the box to generate a lot of possibilities. We came out of a lot of ideas and are quite happy with the teamwork.

What we learned

The task helps us rethink the potential opportunities that we can expand and enhance in our topic. We learned not to reject the ‘weird’ idea in the first place. Try to contribute any ideas as much as we can. Open ourselves to understand perspectives from others is also important in the process.

We selected the ideas we liked in order to continue concept development. There are several ideas are interconnected in a system.  We are excited to research more detail and develop them.

“Let’s just do what we did at CERN.”

What’s next?
In the next step, we will map out our generated concepts and incorporate them into the airport map to find the gaps and opportunities within our ideation.