Four people. One mission. 

Health and wellness in the Big Apple


We are Team Metro!


We are four students of Pace University and our goal is to find solutions to improve health and wellbeing in our community!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”


The Weekly Metro

Swipe Four

Meet our new teammate: ROCKY!!

This week has been spent working on technology cards. During our meeting, the amazing Andreea introduced us to our new teammate Rocky (tiny rubber chicken)…

Swipe Two!!

Most dramatic week , this week we were on special mission of Filming . Roll, Camera and action !!!! Filming our team introduction was a real task (insider everyone is born actor) I would be 1st time people would know us after a great brainstorming session we finally...

Third Swipe!

Team Metro's third week was a fun one, but it wasn't without its work. The previous week had us reviewing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and doing research into local instances of the problems put forth. The meeting focused on presenting the research we’d...

First Swipe!

Our first week as Team Metro consisted of the distribution of our roles as well as the planning for our introductory video. It was the beginning of our journey into Design Factory and we were all super excited! The first week was spent getting to know each other...

Our Weekly Research & Idea Development Updates


Juhi Vora

Juhi Vora

PAC Advocate

Noah Eli

Noah Eli

Creative Architect

Myriam Valmeus

Myriam Valmeus

Research Campaigner


Jennifer Rhau

Jennifer Rhau

Design Protagonist