This week we prepared for the “Innovation with Purpose” event at SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg. We’ve been there to show our project, the progress we made and the problems we’re facing to a interested and open-minded community.

We combined all our ideas and research outcomes of the last weeks and made a small presentation out of it. It was quite hard to cherry pick the most interesting points. The process of reducing all the interview logs, scribbles, facts and data into some really intense slides, helped us to get a better overall overview. At the end we had a fifteen minutes presentation about the project, our current state and everything we found out so far.

At the AppHaus we tried to get everyone on board and ship them to the problem space where the fish populations reached a critical state. Then we showed what we can do about that and how Remy will be able to solve those problems.
We impressed the audience with our deep understanding of the problem scope and its side effects. They gave us valuable feedback and lots of new opportunities.

We will take this feedback to improve our next steps and try to make a detailed plan on how we gonna bring Remy to life. This project road-map will be our main focus for the next week. We want to determine the key milestones and how they gonna be archived.