The initial weeks consisted of getting to know UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a special focus on Goal 6 (clean water and sanitation) and Goal 14 (life below water) which were CBI A3 2018/2019 theme, as well as CERN and CERN’s knowledge transfer, the technologies available and their applicability and functionalities, also the way each of us works and thinks.

After that, we felt better acquainted with both UN Sustainable Development Goals and we started researching water-related problems, what systems are used to transport, store and treat water.

To help us with this we had a meeting with the founder of Rios Mais, which is a startup focused on river cleaning, and a former responsible for Águas de Portugal, a structural group for the environment sector in Portugal with activity in water supply and treatment of residual waters. This meeting provided us with many insights into the existing processes.

Following this, we switched our focus into our opportunity cards and potential ways we could connect them with CERN’s technologies.