This is a 2030 Product Development-bound METRO train.


Now that the design freeze has officially past, METRO has set forth their tracks and is now developing the finalized concept that is their product.

You might ask yourself, what is that product? Team METRO is happy to oblige this informational request.

The product created, currently titled Project WALNUT but formerly known as PORTAMED, is a sort of portable pod that performs a set of rudimentary physical tests to better increase the user’s understanding of their health. During a short visit within one of the pods, Walnut works to take the user’s weight, height, body composition, vitals (including temperature, blood pressure, pulse, oximetry), and tests their respiratory system throughout. The latter test is done with a sensory box lain within the pod, testing the change in atmospheric composition and the number of breaths taken in order to determine the user’s respiratory functionality. This allows the system to search for symptoms that can be preliminary results to lung-cancer, a large problem given our city’s issue with air pollution. Furthermore, there is an added feature that promotes future steps to users that are in need of course correction. For example, a stressed individual might receive a coupon to a nearby spa or yoga class, whereas someone with high blood-pressure might receive a coupon to a local market fronting fresh and healthy foods. Not only will this promote the user to follow proactive health habits, but it also aims to aid local businesses by providing them an opportunity to advertise for the betterment of individual health. The system will also see an incorporation of all virtual medical records. This way, the user can keep track of their history, Walnut can make assumptions based on personal abnormalities, and Doctors–should their services be needed–can read the changes in bodily statistics over time. Naturally, Walnut is a system that is meant to be visited often and aims to replace the necessity of visiting a clinic for something akin to a physical.

Walnut would be available at places that are typically associated with good health and wellbeing: physical therapy clinics, occupational therapy clinics, community health centers, gyms, medical groups, urgent care centers, university health centers, and pharmacies. There are also plans for later implementations, and so Walnut is being designed to be modular. Future implementations include full-body skin exam, blood testing, and full-age spectrum checkups (the design of which would focus on in-school checkups).

With the large size of the final product and the difficulties that would follow a normal prototype given the global circumstances regarding COVID-19, METRO has opted to pursue a digital prototype. This meeting set forth in putting due dates to each of the deliverables that would follow this finalized design. The list of due dates follows:

Create Virtual Prototype: April 24th
Create the required Road-maps: April 24th
Complete Draft Video: April 24th
Complete Final Video: April 27th
Complete Whitepaper draft: April 24th
Whitepaper final draft: May 15th

Each member was assigned the task of producing some prototype sketches before next week’s meeting. Metro is excited to share the progress that comes with putting our design onto paper.


The next stop is Product Design Sketches and Deliverables Review.