This week, our design freeze was put in place to help us achieve a cohesive overview of the project. We decided to move things around a bit with our solution. Our first stance was to move the HALO as our 2030 goal and move the Runway Scanner as a 2050 goal due to the fact that the clarity required on the runway scanner cannot be backed up for a projection of 10 years.


After preparing journey maps and understanding the integration of our solutions at the airport we decided to do a user experience map to help everyone better understand how the technology is going to be used.

We received feedback on the form of the HALO and were told to consider the scale and placement of the solution. Which narrowed down what we need to focus on for the coming weeks before our presentation. We also wanted to thank George, who is our CERN coach because he provided us with substantial knowledge on how technology is going to be incorporated within our solution. We also found considerations around passengers with disabilities or children being able to use the HALO. We addressed these points and now need to focus on the construction and materials for this solution.

Even though the COVID-19 situation has locked all of us down, we continue to develop and design our solution in the coming weeks.