Idea Audit


The path we took after CERN visit

The Jam Festival allowed us not only to generate a lot of ideas, but also to identify many assumptions related to our defined opportunity cards in Poland. To verify these assumptions, we conducted deeper research and interviews with specialists (e.g., psychologists, office staff, medical studies staff, etc.) to fill in the gaps in our knowledge. We reviewed technical cards and did deeper research on the technologies available at ATTRACT and CERN. This was a challenge due to the intensity of the research in a fairly short period of time. We also did some more ideation sessions on topics we hadn’t yet had time to delve into.


In order to decide which opportunity card is the most promising and most likely to be the best choice we conducted a weighted decision matrix. This tool allowed us to make a choice – nota bene – our intuition also led us to this card. And the winner was…

Team Snapshot


Our next steps

Now we want by focusing this main problem explore as many ideas on topic as we can. These also means another deeper research and looking for ideas from other topic that could have something in common.


,,Young Klękosiad”. It is a funny term made from a combination of the name of a well-known pop singer and a kneeler in Poland.