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Our Progress

Week 19

This week, Team ASE began working on the user interface of the HALO and its placement on the concept for ease of use. We know that this would be the first thing that users would interact with, so ensuring that it was easy to use and functional remains a priority. We...

Week 18

This week, we decided to work on a process map of how our concept will fit into the airport process. We tried to understand where in the airport our concept will fit best, analysing current airport practice and pain points in the airport, especially the length of time...

Week 17

This week, Team ASE really began to finalise on the concept: How big is it? How many could we have? What shape is best? All these questions drove our focus of the week. We began working on the dimensions and scale of the HaloPad so we can design it in a way that...





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Aman Narula
A Masters of Design student currently enrolled in the DFM Global Program. He is an Architect who wants to increase his perspective on design through his study in Melbourne. Currently working as a graphic and fashion designer in Melbourne.
Suzi Tzuwei Su
Suzi is on her half way through Master of Design. Having a great interest in how we can apply design thinking and research to our real-life. With an integrated design background, she loves communicating with visual solutions. She always enjoys having a walk or a coffee.
Evan Broumos
Evan is a full-time Master of Design Strategy and Innovation student, currently also involved in the Design Factory Global Program. He has an Engineering and Human-Centred Design background, and is currently following the path of strategic design as a career.