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Our Progress

DESIGN Freeze! Week 15

This week our design freeze was put in place to help us achieve a cohesive overview of the project. We decided to move things around a bit with our solution. Our first stance was to move the HALO as our 2030 goal and move the Runway Scanner as a 2050 goal due to the...

Week 14 – Close to Frozen

Less than 1 week away from our design freeze! What we learned This week we received input from Aaron and Christine on the business model canvas, mission model canvas, and social lean canvas, breaking everything down and discussing which one would be more appropriate...

Week 13: Roadmap

The days to our Design Freeze on March 19 are numbered! Team ASE is working away and only now we looked back to see exactly how much time and effort we have put into this project. Things are getting ever closer to the end, but still so much work to be done! What we...





We are team ASE


Nice to

meet you!

Aman Narula
A Masters of Design student currently enrolled in the DFM Global Program. He is an Architect who wants to increase his perspective on design through his study in Melbourne. Currently working as a graphic and fashion designer in Melbourne.
Suzi Tzuwei Su
Suzi is on her half way through Master of Design. Having a great interest in how we can apply design thinking and research to our real-life. With an integrated design background, she loves communicating with visual solutions. She always enjoys having a walk or a coffee.
Evan Broumos
Evan is a full-time Master of Design Strategy and Innovation student, currently also involved in the Design Factory Global Program. He has an Engineering and Human-Centred Design background, and is currently following the path of strategic design as a career.