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Weekly Update

Week 1

Sustainable Development Goal number 3 focuses on good-health and well being. We wanted to dissect the goal and figure out all the targets that the goal focuses on achieving.
According to their website we understood that this goal has specific goals within itself that have been set out on various time lines. We started to list down global opportunities on “good health and well being” off the top of our heads to research into…

Week 2

To acquire a broader range of knowledge, we did research and brainstorming at this stage to keep us in the divergent approach.

Ongoing Research

We kept researching on the idea and targets of SDG-3. SDG-3 looks at a broader scope of global problems, such as infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, etc.
At the same time, we also explored the health and well-being planning happening in Melbourne city to understand local health and well-being issues. Besides, we had a look on the health and well-being planning of other metropolis in the…

Week 3

We started by identifying all the opportunity areas we could work on. So we put up post-its and started jotting down problem we can target in our local context i.e. Melbourne. We came up with 36 scenarios that were either the bigger problem or the categories of those problems. So we decided to split up these topic based on how keen we are on research and decided to take the one that didn’t interest us to avoid partial research…

Week 4

This week, we had a very special guest with us during our Tuesday session. Steven Goldfarb, a physicist from the University of Melbourne who works on the ATLAS experiment at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

On the 23rd of November, Team ASE made its way to Geneva to attend a 2-week intensive at IdeaSquare @ CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research. Alongside two German teams from Mannheim’s InnoSpace Design Factory and Pace University’s New York City Design Factory, Team ASE embraced the opportunity with open arms, exploring the town and taking part in the intensive together.


This week marked the return of Team ASE for Phase 2 of CBI A3 2019/2020, marking the conclusion of our break after our Phase 1 Final Presentation in December! After the break, we got stuck into our project and officially began Phase 2…by working on our Phase 1 whitepaper.


Week 7

This week, we began working on future scenarios with a mentor of ours, Bridgette Engeller, being introduced to a “Harman Fan” scenario building tool

We are


A Masters of Design student currently enrolled in the DFM Global Program. He is an Architect who wants to increase his perspective on design through his study in Melbourne. Currently working as a graphic and fashion designer in Melbourne.


Suzi is on her half way through Master of Design. Having a great interest in how we
can apply design thinking and research to our real-life. With an integrated design background, she loves communicating with visual solutions. She always enjoys having a walk or a coffee.


Evan is a full-time Master of Design Strategy and Innovation student, currently also involved in the Design Factory Global Program. He has an Engineering and Human-Centred Design background, and is currently following the path of strategic design as a career.