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team ASE.

Weekly Update

Week 1

Sustainable Development Goal number 3 focuses on good-health and well being. We wanted to dissect the goal and figure out all the targets that the goal focuses on achieving.
According to their website we understood that this goal has specific goals within itself that have been set out on various time lines. We started to list down global opportunities on “good health and well being” off the top of our heads to research into…

Week 2

To acquire a broader range of knowledge, we did research and brainstorming at this stage to keep us in the divergent approach.

Ongoing Research

We kept researching on the idea and targets of SDG-3. SDG-3 looks at a broader scope of global problems, such as infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, etc.
At the same time, we also explored the health and well-being planning happening in Melbourne city to understand local health and well-being issues. Besides, we had a look on the health and well-being planning of other metropolis in the…

Week 3

We started by identifying all the opportunity areas we could work on. So we put up post-its and started jotting down problem we can target in our local context i.e. Melbourne. We came up with 36 scenarios that were either the bigger problem or the categories of those problems. So we decided to split up these topic based on how keen we are on research and decided to take the one that didn’t interest us to avoid partial research…